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And Jeff doesn’t even send a coffee mug any more…

The new chorus of Love, Oh love, Oh careless love…. “Just see what Prime has done to me….”


They say when my parents arrived home from the hospital with me that my brother who had been at home with the live-in housekeeper/nannie greeted me at the door with a baseball glove and a baseball because he had been told that I was to be his companion, someone to play baseball with. My wife

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The Tern’s Vaudeville of the Air

(Note: A post I was drafting in August of 2011…the thread of thought is gone, but the Vaudeville of the Air lives on….) When I was a kid, Admiral Donald MacMillan, skipper of the schooner Bowdoin, made at least two lecture stops at Beloit College to recount his explorations in the Arctic. He described in

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New blades sweep clean – Harry’s razor/blades/shave cream

  I’m 73 now, so shaving isn’t the chore that it once was – sparser beard, slower growth – but once I started shaving I was all over anything that promised greater effectiveness without sacrificing comfort. It’s boring now, but considering I started out in the days before Gillette’s Super Blue double-edged blade was introduced,

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So how do I like Windows 8?

It’s a good thing that I’ve been using an iPad for several months and a Samsung Galaxy 3 for a month, because otherwise I would absolutely hate Windows 8. I would be wondering why I had to spend time staring at a screen-filling sea of apps icons with no (apparent) way to click a Start

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Western Civ – Final Exam, Fall 1958

I surely hope that I am violating no standards of academic conduct by posting an old Western Civ exam…for all I know they’re still using the same questions. (Click on image for full-size clarity.)

The gang’s all here…

…hard to tell you how it feels to have the brood around the table/in the house/slipping in and out for three days. Old grandparents like myself perhaps understand it best, wondering how the years got by us and turned these little people into real adults with ideas and opinions that aren’t the first derivative of

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Research – where you find it

My daughter wrote: “Based on my observations of many and conversations with handfuls, a large number of scientists are not naturally inclined to network.”  I’m trying to teach Marketing Research this fall (for the first time in probably 25 years), and I love the texture of this statement about observation and inference. (The classic statement

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It’s been a long time coming! I’ve wanted to apply my organizational skills to a one-of-a-kind merchandising concept for a long time. (If you’ve seen my desk, you know what I’m talking about.) While up here in Maine this week, I’ve managed to create Ed’s Stuff, Recycled Goods. So if you’re in Woolwich, ME, anytime soon, drop in

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Origins of a worry-wart…

Okay, so they call it “avoidance of errors.” If I understand the argument correctly, my abundance of dopamine receptors makes me re-live – but not repeat – all of my past mistakes…. Here’s a link to the Journal of Neuroscience article behind it all. Or for a quckie treatment that has more depth than the

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