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It’s been a long time coming! I’ve wanted to apply my organizational skills to a one-of-a-kind merchandising concept for a long time. (If you’ve seen my desk, you know what I’m talking about.) While up here in Maine this week, I’ve managed to create Ed’s Stuff, Recycled Goods. So if you’re in Woolwich, ME, anytime soon, drop in

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Good eats

Thought I’d spotted a pretty good-sized bird in the treetops (I was on the lookout for a hawk), but it turned out to be this little guy who seemed very pleased with himself, stuffing his face with tree blossoms. He was sixty feet off the ground in the skinny branches – and a 12 mile

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Bivalves all the rage in RI at New Year’s

Early morning, New Year’s Eve: Not too late for a little oystering on foot or by boat. Great blue cast to the landscape.

Ice in the beard today

25 degrees, wind out of the west at 18- 20 mph. Brisk. The gulls were hunkered down yesterday morning. The one who decided to give flying a try had a hard time landing. On the other hand, this little guy was hiding out in a hollow tree.

Thanksgiving 2010

Random good fortune. I’ve been taking photos at the site of last year’s fall blue-ribbon shot on the chance that lightning would strike twice. Right and wrong. This morning, a small movement caught the corner of my eye. This little guy!

…and it continues

Lilacs’ progress


Went out about 45 minutes early Tuesday morning, saw fifteen “objects” – shooting stars – in an hour and half, everything from one that made a clear, hard streak across a third of the sky to one that looked like a gray shadow. Fifteen sounds like a lot, but it’s only one every six minutes on

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