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A Raptor-ish weekend

Much to-do in the avian community: Nest building and scoping out this year’s territory….

Vaudeville of the Air International

  Terns hang out abroad, too. At the chateau of Chenonceau, this guy was keeping an eye out for lunch. Same grace, same flickering maneuvers.

The Tern’s Vaudeville of the Air

(Note: A post I was drafting in August of 2011…the thread of thought is gone, but the Vaudeville of the Air lives on….) When I was a kid, Admiral Donald MacMillan, skipper of the schooner Bowdoin, made at least two lecture stops at Beloit College to recount his explorations in the Arctic. He described in

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Sunday morning, don’t you know….

The gang’s all here…

…hard to tell you how it feels to have the brood around the table/in the house/slipping in and out for three days. Old grandparents like myself perhaps understand it best, wondering how the years got by us and turned these little people into real adults with ideas and opinions that aren’t the first derivative of

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October in Maine (at night)

Two nights before full moon, 1o p.m., West Bath, Maine. 15 second exposure.


















Sunday brunch

Tern operating from the fishing pier at Colt State Park, Bristol, RI

Games osprey play

Not going to try to play the naturalist here, just reporting: Mom made two passes and attempted to land where Dad was roosting, Dad wasn’t having any of it. Junior watched. The full sequence is at and following.


It’s been a long time coming! I’ve wanted to apply my organizational skills to a one-of-a-kind merchandising concept for a long time. (If you’ve seen my desk, you know what I’m talking about.) While up here in Maine this week, I’ve managed to create Ed’s Stuff, Recycled Goods. So if you’re in Woolwich, ME, anytime soon, drop in

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A discussion about sharing…

…a slow beginning: …a turn for the worse: …agreement to disagree: