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And Jeff doesn’t even send a coffee mug any more…

The new chorus of Love, Oh love, Oh careless love…. “Just see what Prime has done to me….”

People hearing without listening

I’m writing a long piece on how the automobile world’s ’50’s Tailfin Frenzy came about and disappeared, and the research has been interesting. I came across the following image and quotation on a website called viz., a blog belonging to the Digital Writing and Research Lab at the University of Texas at Austin and maintained

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Booksellers’ tablets face entrenched competition in the college market

Survey findings show that Amazon and Barnes & Noble will face strong preference for Apple’s iPad among college students over their just-released tablet models. In the same week that Amazon launched their Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble launched their Nook Tablet, marketing research students at Roger Williams University surveyed college students across the nation

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Research – where you find it

My daughter wrote: “Based on my observations of many and conversations with handfuls, a large number of scientists are not naturally inclined to network.”  I’m trying to teach Marketing Research this fall (for the first time in probably 25 years), and I love the texture of this statement about observation and inference. (The classic statement

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The Goodby, Silverstein Corvette commercial…(Auto Rants (4))

My son wrote: Hey Pops – I’m totally loving this Corvette commercial… and I don’t like Chevy (sorry, Chevrolet) cars, nor have I ever been too fond of the Corvette. (If I’m going to buy an expensive sportscar, Chevy isn’t the first car company that comes to mind). To which I responded: Well, it’s

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Auto rants (3)

It’s been a year, and now I am (and the rest of you out there are, too) a part-owner of General Motors. Wish there were better news for the future, but it looks like they still don’t get it. Today’s New York Times reports that for “consistency” we will now have to refrain from calling

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With a little help from my friends

In a quandary this morning. I can understand some things pretty easily, like how General Motors can claim that an electric car that has to be plugged in every 40 miles can get 230 miles to the gallon. I am, of course, a university-certified Marketing Wizard. Other things I understand pretty easily include the idea that pine

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Auto rants (Part 2)

Chrysler set a record for passage through bankruptcy, just in time for GM – a more complex financial beast – to emerge even more quickly: In on the First of June, out on the 10th of July. Three days later, Advertising Age asked the first-page rhetorical question “Is this the right guy to run GM’s

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