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The Goodby, Silverstein Corvette commercial…(Auto Rants (4))

My son wrote: Hey Pops – I’m totally loving this Corvette commercial… and I don’t like Chevy (sorry, Chevrolet) cars, nor have I ever been too fond of the Corvette. (If I’m going to buy an expensive sportscar, Chevy isn’t the first car company that comes to mind). http://www.nitrobahn.com/news/2011-chevrolet-corvette-features-in-a-short-commercial/ To which I responded: Well, it’s

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Auto rants (Part 2)

Chrysler set a record for passage through bankruptcy, just in time for GM – a more complex financial beast – to emerge even more quickly: In on the First of June, out on the 10th of July. Three days later, Advertising Age asked the first-page rhetorical question “Is this the right guy to run GM’s

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Kick as kick can

For those of us who witnessed the appearance, grotesque growth and eventual death of the tail-fin and the disappearance of the Packard Motor Car Company in the 1950’s, General Motor’s current woes are brilliant irony. Behind the scenes as the tail-fin craze initiated by the 1948 Cadillac reached its high-water mark with the 1957 Chrysler

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