So how do I like Windows 8?

It’s a good thing that I’ve been using an iPad for several months and a Samsung Galaxy 3 for a month, because otherwise I would absolutely hate Windows 8. I would be wondering why I had to spend time staring at a screen-filling sea of apps icons with no (apparent) way to click a Start button (or anything remotely like that) to bring up my normal menu lists. I suspect that within a couple of weeks I will have developed my own way of bouncing around the menus that takes advantage of new features without slowing me down in the execution of my older, non-app programs.

(And some of the new apps-y things are pretty attractive…weather has never been so attractive or so complete or so at my fingertips, my Google calendar pops up hugely and in an instant, my mail feeds are easy to see all in the same window…and so on.)

This could be the start of something good. If I could only find out why Win 8 failed to install on my home machine this evening. The deep blue popups seemed apologetic, but there was a kind of finality to their refusal to install the new operating system; no further information, no offer of a refund.

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