Bloggies Upeast

I teach at a private university within 100 miles of Boston; last Thursday I took a quick survey of my students – juniors, business majors – to find out how the nominees for the Bloggies fared. The results:

Best American weblog:
Perez Hilton 18
PostSecret 5
Boing Boing 2
Lifehacker 1

Best photography of a weblog:
101 Cookbooks 4
I can has Cheezburger? 3
Dooce 2
Smitten Kitchen 1

Best fashion weblog:
Go Fug Yourself 6
Jezebel 2
FabSugar 1
The Budget Fashionista 1

Best weblog about music:
Jhive 5
I guess I’m floating 2
Said the gramaphone 1
Idolator 1

Best gossip weblog:
PerezHilton 13
TMZ 10
Dlisted 3
Pink is the new blog 2
I’m not obsessed 1

Best entertainment weblog:
Best Week Ever 14
BuzzSugar 3
/Film 1

Best sports weblog:
Up in Alaska 2
Fat Cyclist 2
The Big Lead 2
Deadspin 1
Kickette 1

Best weblog about politics:
Daily Kos 3
Wonkette 1
Instapundit 1
Crooks and Liars 1
The Huffington Post 1

Best computers or technology weblog:
Geekologie 6
Wired 4
Gizmodo 1

Most humorous weblog:
PerezHilton 11
Dlisted 4
Go Fug Yourself 2
Overheard in New York 1

Best new weblog:
Sarcastic Mom 4
Jezebel 4
Ashley’s Closet 1
Local Girl’s Day in Pictures 1

Weblog of the year:
PerezHilton 10
PostSecret 6
GoFugYourself 4

Overall stats:
Number of students 52
Number with no choices (of 12 categories presented) 10
Number with only one or two choices 16

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