Month: January 2008

Bloggies Upeast

I teach at a private university within 100 miles of Boston; last Thursday I took a quick survey of my students – juniors, business majors – to find out how the nominees for the Bloggies fared. The results: Best American weblog: Perez Hilton 18 PostSecret 5 Boing Boing 2 Lifehacker 1 Best photography of a

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Travelogues by People Who Aren’t Going Very Far

 Harbor report: Low tide this morning, the WNW wind driving the surface slush to the eastern shore, particularly in the little protected cove at the head (north end) of the harbor. The woman who has been taking pictures of geese every morning since early last spring could find no geese on the eastern shore, so

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The Bridge – Tegucigalpa 1965