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First Tuesday in May

Two geese calling incessantly approaching from the shadows across the Mill Gut, falling silent and flying ten feet overhead and ten feet to the east, then resuming their calling as they skimmed the surface of the bay lit by the glow from the sky. A beautiful set of changing sunrise colors, a bright half moon

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Obliged to re-shoot

One of the luxuries associated with a new camera is that it’s an excuse to return to the scene of previous shootings (if not crimes) and to try once again to get it right. And the biggest excuse of all may be springtime.

eBooks and iPads and Blackberries, oh my!

At my present university the periodical magazine features a point-counterpoint discussion in each issue. This time the topic was whether the coming-of-age of eBooks would result in increased reading; to kill the suspense, I took the con side while a professor of performing arts took the pro side. We made our arguments (in writing) last

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Snow, Mardi Gras, and sap

I was out walking about three hours before my New Orleans running buddies reported for the Rex Run – beautiful woods in the dark with the snow making things visible. Sounded like a couple of tons of geese on the Mill Gut, squawking in the night. Snow falling in various quantities, from fitful flakes to

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It’s been nine-and-a-half years (mine: Dog years, 51*). Back then I took a deep breath and pledged just south of $1,000 of my credit limit for a Sony F707. My justification was that in 2002 I was going to teach in Peru, Chile, and China and I wanted something more robust than the one-megapixel cameras

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With a little help from my friends

In a quandary this morning. I can understand some things pretty easily, like how General Motors can claim that an electric car that has to be plugged in every 40 miles can get 230 miles to the gallon. I am, of course, a university-certified Marketing Wizard. Other things I understand pretty easily include the idea that pine

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Picnic Bench Wrangler: Platonic occupation

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. The picnic benches at Colt State Park tend to migrate, sometimes singly and sometimes in groups, sometimes in daylight and sometimes overnight. Park administrators, however, clearly have ideas about the correct arrangement of benches across the landscape. This creates the occupation of Picnic Bench Wrangler,

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Blues, running

Yes, there was a time when this title would have been about a New Orleans footrace. But today it’s about bluefish in a feeding frenzy. This was one of those mornings that I wanted to change up the daily walk routine. Yesterday I’d missed the moment of sunrise because I was behind a hill and

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Skeeball Wizard

Laurie took three tokens worth of practice Sunday night at the carnival on the town common. The crowd swirling around included the usual town suspects, clouds of teenage girls, swaggers of teenage boys, mothers struggling with strollers in the grass criss-crossed with electrical cables overlain with rubber doormats. Last night we went back to the

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Feeling pretty sure it was a coyote, I said to Nick, “Think I saw a dog,” not wanting to be misbelieved. Nick said, “Must have been a coyote.” Too early for a good image: Coggeshall Farm, Bristol, RI, 17 Jun, 2009, about 5 a.m., Saved at 1920 by 1200 pixels