Month: December 2010

Bivalves all the rage in RI at New Year’s

Early morning, New Year’s Eve: Not too late for a little oystering on foot or by boat. Great blue cast to the landscape.

Merry Christmas to all…

and to all a good night! All the best from the Bristol Ed Strongs….

Origins of a worry-wart…

Okay, so they call it “avoidance of errors.” If I understand the argument correctly, my abundance of dopamine receptors makes me re-live – but not repeat – all of my past mistakes…. Here’s a link to the Journal of Neuroscience article behind it all. Or for a quckie treatment that has more depth than the

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What else do we need to know about ourselves?

I picked some fairly meaningless words to check up on (“quahog”), and then decided to try “self” and “others” to see if there was anything in the data. Bingo! For a description of what Google’s up to here, see The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Ice in the beard today

25 degrees, wind out of the west at 18- 20 mph. Brisk. The gulls were hunkered down yesterday morning. The one who decided to give flying a try had a hard time landing. On the other hand, this little guy was hiding out in a hollow tree.