Month: June 2010

A neckstrap by another name

I wanted to let my brother (also a recent purchaser of a Nikon) know about a piece of equipment I had acquired. From the email: As you can guess, your brother chafed under the Nikon yoke. Or, said otherwise, never having been a “natural” fan of Nikons (just as I am not a “natural” fan

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Katrina post

I booted up an old Fujitsu tablet computer today that hadn’t been used for over three years and on the desktop was the text of an email that I sent to family and friends in September of 2005 following my first trip back to New Orleans after we evacuated for Katrina. The photos referred to

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Auto rants (3)

It’s been a year, and now I am (and the rest of you out there are, too) a part-owner of General Motors. Wish there were better news for the future, but it looks like they still don’t get it. Today’s New York Times reports that for “consistency” we will now have to refrain from calling

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