Month: March 2008

Toncontin Farewell

On the day we left Tegucigalpa (see the entry titled “Deciding Moments”) I decided to film the trip from the hotel to the airport. The resulting footage isn’t any better than handheld 8mm movies taken from a moving vehicle could be expected to be, but the street scenes are representative of what we saw each day

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Deciding moments

Working on another video taken in Honduras in 1965, I am reminded that my trip there probably accounts for a pretty decisive turn in my thoughts about what I would take up as a career. It was the beginning of a decision to leave the military rather than stay in for twenty years and then take up

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Hey, Mr. Balloon man…

Having posted the photo of my mother taken in 1917 or so, it’s not totally out of place to insert this one here. I’ve Photoshopped it for the sepia look, because the color of the original makes it obvious that it’s not a true period photo. It’s actually me at 17 (June, 1958) with the balloons. The occasion

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